I've just got my PC and Internet Stable again.. everntually.

    He.. modern computer components eh. Bought a cheap wireless NIC for my PC kept on causing my PC to freeze every 5 seconds. I lived with it for a while and then gave up and re-installed windows. Discovered it was the card that was causing it to freeze. So damn - I re-installed windows and i've still get the problem.

    Today I took it out made sure the pins were clean and the rest of the card was and made SURE it was fully in and sure enough its working now. I had a hint of glee but also a hint of - I hate youness to it!

    Damn you PCI/PC!


    pcs do my head in. u can turn them on oneday and it works fine, next day weird stuff happens, day after that its fine. well mine does anyway. lol

    When you turn it on and it works: leave it on! lol

    I had similar problems with a Belkin wireless card, I think Belkin chips are used in some of the cheap cards also.

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    It uses a Realtek RTL 8185 chip
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