I've just seen a good groupon deal for massage - can someone advise me please?

Found 7th Mar 2011
Link - elite-therapy.com/our…tml

Link - groupon.co.uk/dea…rks

Is this the sort of thing that would go down well as a present for my mother? She lives quite close to this, and a massage sounds like a great idea, but it looks like this 'clinic' is set up for sports or injury based massage, not just a proper good relaxing sesh.

What do you think?
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Anyone? I've tried ringing but it's gone to answerphone and the offer ends tonight.
Looks like a good deal. I've used Groupon a few times. I think it allows a certain cooling off period too. Website says a therapeutic massage is for geneal aches and pains, stress etc so I don't see why it wouldn't be suitable
I'm just having one of those 'too good to be true' moments. It's only £29 down the drain if it sucks, or she can pass it on to someone considerably fitter! I've gone for it anyway. If it's good, it's great!
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