Ive made an error with XBOX live, put my 12 month code in another gamertag.

I have 2 gamertags on my 360, so friends can just choose the other one when I want to play 2 player.

Unfortunately I was logged into the 2nd player account when I redeemed my code. Now when I go online to play games this second player gamer tag that I used the code for has no gamer points and I have to start the games from scratch.

Is there any way to change over the code to the gamer tag I have with all my game saves?

Any help would be appreciated.

Many thanks.

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I had to ring XBox Live support the other week and got through extremely quickly. They're very helpful, I definitely recommend you give them a call and ask them to simply transfer the subscription.

Edit: Some of the best customer service I've encountered.
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