Ive messed up the laptop screen!!

    I think I must of pressed too hard when i was cleaning the screen and now in one corner it like spilt ink inside about the size of a 50p, didnt think I was doing it any harder than normal. i am gutted not even had it 9 months!!


    it should still be under guarantee take it back to the shop and just say you turned it one and it was like that

    Have you got home insurance?

    the 'ink' is a pressure mark, wont be covered by guarantee im afraid. accidental cover on home insurance ma cover it though.

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    yes have insurance but already had to claim for 2 laptops in 4 years think they might get suspicious if I do another


    Read the terms and conditions of the warranty it might include something about it.

    I had a similar problem on a tft that originated from a bright red pixel that you had to tap to get rid of it. Eventually it ended up as an 8 inch streak with an inch thickness were the faulty pixel was.
    Replaced under LG's 3 year warranty with no questions asked.

    why did you push it?

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    why did you push it?

    I didnt really push it just wiped it with the correct cloth and it came up.
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