Ive seen it all now....

    Just spotted this on ebay

    Item number: 180198559289

    I just think its rubbish what this person is doing


    Spotted what?

    oh i get it 180198559289
    Toatally agree, scammers!

    Original Poster

    Search item number on ebay;-)

    Ths has been happening on ebay for many consoles and console items this christmas.

    This proves there are many Penny Pinchers out there ive got three Wii's for sale how about £300 each...LOL

    Totally agree, they've trying to sell an Argos reservation number!!!


    Search item number on ebay;-)

    Thats just disgraceful, what makes me laugh is it ends on christmas day, but the reservation code only lasts until 24th...

    idiots if you ask me.

    Hoping to cash in on parents desparate not to disappoint their kids :?

    I Don't see this as a scam.
    It plainly states what seller has for auction.

    While it's not a scam, I think it's somewhat taking the mick...



    Have you looked at his/her feedback? They've already sold two codes....


    While it's not a scam, I think it's somewhat taking the mick...John

    I agree with you.
    It could also save some parents a lot of trouble looking for a Christmas present.

    Remember this ;-)…05/

    I don't see the problem with it personally. Free enterprise.

    I haven't got a problem with it. The seller is taking a risk not selling the code due to greed, but he/she will still have to pay the insertion fee!

    [FONT=Arial Black][SIZE=6][COLOR=#870052]monday 24nd DECEMBER lol[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

    it is what it is i guess, people have the option to buy or not to buy...

    is the 24nd after the 23th and before the 25st?

    Nah, that's nowt. Watching Fox on sopcast, bears vs packers and they had a tv ad for McD's. You can buy a gift card for McD's to give to someone special......*that's* seeing it all lol

    Cheeky sods, they should just not reserve one if they don't want it OR have the balls to buy it and then flog it on Ebay.
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