J700 or U600 SAMSUNG better? and why?

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Found 23rd Jun 2008
Help im getting a new contract.
Nokia 6300 or J700 or U600 bettER?


U600 cos i have one :-p

no... i think U600 has later tech than J700
for example:
camera: 1.3 MP (J700) vs 3.2 (U600)
U600 has document viewer J700 no
LCD size U600= 2.4 inch 262.000 colour screen; J700 = 2 inch only 65,000 colour screen

but i think J700 has better battery life... but then again you can get U600 1000maH battery off ebay for around 4quids

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U600 cos i have one :-pno... i think U600 has later tech than J700for … U600 cos i have one :-pno... i think U600 has later tech than J700for example:camera: 1.3 MP (J700) vs 3.2 (U600)U600 has document viewer J700 noetc

COMPARING u600 and nokia 6300??

phisically, Nokia 6300 is bigger and thicker
it has only 2 MP camera
the screen is 2 inch but it has richer colour
it doesnt have doc viewer

some say samsung U 600 sound quality is quite good

if i have to rank it: U6000 then 6300 then J700

if you want to study tehm by yourself theres a lot of desc and reviewa on the net: some of them:

J700 yourmobilephonereviews.co.uk/sam…htm'

6300 yourmobilephonereviews.co.uk/nok…htm

U600 yourmobilephonereviews.co.uk/sam…htm

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thanks nuabdi
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