Jack Bauer vs James Bond vs Jason Bourne

    now that 24 has finished, who would win in a fight between the above. no weapons just hand to hand combat


    Bourne - wouldn't a doubt.


    Bourne - wouldn't a doubt.


    if bond was daniel craig tho, be pretty even.

    Bauer. Regardless of the injuries, he'd carry on.




    hand to hand, bourne would win but if it were anything goes, bond would have it


    Bourne has exhibited the best close hand to hand to combat in their respective shows/movies.

    My vote would be for Bourne as unlike the other two he's far less reliant on anyone supporting him.


    bourne easy followed by bauer then bond

    They all have their own merits. Bond can be a suave killer, where as Bourne is calculated and precise, and Bauer can be quite reckless but will get the job done no matter what.

    I'm gonna say they are all as good as each other


    Although gutted that 24 is finished (loved watching the final show last night), and although Bauer has had every injury going (last night he was stabbed, sewn up, shot, beat up and spat at), he is still a short arse and without those heels, he would barely reach my waste.

    So, Bourne would win.

    Jack Bauer obvisouly.......the other two are only characters in movies.........


    Even if it was Bond and Jack Baurer versus Bourne, Chuck Norris would still win.


    bauer - any man who can avoid 1000 bullets being shot at him from 10 different marksmen and then take them all out with 5 bullets has my vote

    or am I getting confused with Rambo.....

    Bourne would be more clinical and win.
    Jack would be torn apart but would keep going, crying whilst fighting on.
    Bond wouldn't stand a chance.

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    suppose i should add my own opinion of this i started it.
    for those who said Bourne have a look at ]this
    Bond Roger Moore enough said
    so all in all i think Bauer would win especially after these ]facts
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