Jack Daniels

    Looking for the best price on a 75cl bottle of Jack Daniels. Anyone seen a good deal ?

    Thanks very much.


    £16.00 in Tesco.

    But i always buy ev1 Jim Beam Black ( for those unawre Jim Bean whitelabel is similar to JD, but the black is a better quality 8 yr matured and my brother prefers it JD since i introduced him to it.)

    Jim Beam £14.31 on special i Tesco and similar price in asda

    sainsbury £13

    think its £14 now at sainsburys, check tesco instore they should have some good deals on alcohol, if u have a clubcard u shud have recieved vouchers recently with money off.

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    Excellent, thanks for the quick replies. I've seen that JB one before, never thought of getting it but might now. That's some good prices for JD, been way more expensive when I looked last week.

    Yes , it was £14.00 in Sainsbury's last night , coz bought one
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