Having trouble finding jagermeister at my local Sainsburys, Tesco and Asda..

    Any good online shops that may have it?


    Ideally buy it directly from Germany, I've bought it before when I've been over there and it's like £7 for a huge bottle.

    Seen it in my local tesco last night. It was £15.11 (yes I looked that close at it :giggle: )

    Can your tesco order it in for you?

    It's notoriously overpriced in England, you can actually get 70cl bottles from Sienna in Italy for around £5 a bottle... best i've seen was £14.99 from Asda a few months, but they only seem to do the 50cl bottles for £10 a pop now... :-(

    Sainsburys sell it for £11.99 try from them online

    Got a big bottle from Gran caneria last year for around a fiver but not had much of it as we were all drinking loads of it on holiday


    Think I solved this for you, but i'm new and don't know how to link to my jagermeister post.…-p/

    you do realise that this post was started 9 months ago....

    For anyone that may be interested 9 months after the last post, here's a little update. I'd be interested to learn more from others with regards to nationwide stockists and best prices.

    It's no longer stocked by Morrisons or Asda, at least not my local ones in Medway, Kent. Tescos had it for £15.87 for a larger 70cl bottle. I bought the last one on the shelf and was glad to find out after the 20mile round trip.
    It can be bought online from various 'wine' retailers where it averages out at £15 but P&P is often £6.99.

    Buying it abroard and having it shipped to you isn't viable since the pound is so weak right now against other currencies and postage prices will be high for something like this.

    try oddbins as my local one has it
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