jailbreak ipod touch

    i was wondering if anyone can offer some advise my 15yr old come home from school informing me that he wants to jailbreak his ipod touch, i only bought it at christmas will this effect the warrenty and why would he feel he needs to do it, is it worth doing and is it easy sorry just need the pros and cons before he goes an does it rep will be left to anyone that can advise me so it looks like i know what im talking about when i speak to him lol


    Free apps, free games, its excellent.

    you can restore the ipod to originally settings so wont affect warranty.

    Very easy to do.

    Yep as above.. But make sure you read up throughly and follow step by step otherwise it may cause a few probs

    If anything happens to the ipod when jailbroken, then unjailbreak it and send for repairs or whatever. and if you jailbreak you can probs get any app you want for free.

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    thanks for your advise his got the new 3g 8gb ipod touch but i guess this can still be done

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