Jailbroken Iphone 4

    My IPhone 4 is currently jailbroken....

    I want to upgrade to OS 4.3

    If i do and unjailbreak my phone, will it get rid of my jailbroken apps?

    Ive got the jailbroken Tom Tom app and if updating will stop in working then i dont want to do it



    I have no idea, all I know is you must be careful of the Internet Police finding out, or you might end up like this:

    It depends how you update it. You can update it with a custom ios using pwnage tool & the phone will remain jailbroken.

    If you update it with itunes then you will lose the jailbreak. However, if you back it up with itunes, then update it, then re-jailbreak it, you'll be able to restore all your apps & info when you reconnect it to itunes so long as you don't overwrite your back it up while it's in an unjailbroken state.

    To be on the safe side, you can go to your apps in itunes, right click & select open file location. This will open explorer, & you can copy all of your apps to a new directory so they're there to re-install from if the worst should happen.

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    Thank You!
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