Bored at the airport so thought I'd say jambo ( hello) from kenya!!

I have one important question....




Morning, Hope the weather is better there than it is here. Has been an awful night.

they have ruined the multiplayer, theyve made it like halo and cod which isnt cool especially as gow1 multiplayer was solid, u have to wait ages for a match...

...apparently loads of ppl have complained and a patch will b coming out soon to fix it up.

the campaign is 10x better than gow1 however

the shotgun is slower than my grandma over 100metres.

dissapointed tbh, and im a hardcore gow fan.

Morning (or for my body clock evening!)
Very windy/wet night!

hello to you too, my curtains are closed, music is on so i dont know what the weather's like

Jambo in Edinburgh means a hearts of midlothian supporter but good morning from a sunny and cold Scotland

When I was about 3/4 I lived in Kenya for 2 years. When we returned to the UK I embarrassed my Mum on the bus one day, by insisting that the (black) bus conductor say "Jambo Buana!" to me:-D
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