James Bond Fancy Dress help

    hi guys,

    I'm off to a James Bond themed fancy dress party at the weekend, and I've decided to go as Zao (the guy with the diamonds embedded into his face - everyone will be going as James Bond, so I want to be different).

    I've got the stick on diamonds for my face & I'm going to shave my bonce !

    What I need help with is the clothing - any idea's on what he wears ?

    I've seen him in a Matrix style long leather jacket, but he also wears a "flying jacket" style top. Thats the best thing I can describe it as - its the type with the overhanging corner - I cant explain it !!

    If anyone knows where I can get any of this stuff from cheaply (or find it on Ebay etc) - I would appreciate it,



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    Hi Chris..

    Fro mthe pics I've seen he wears kind of a trenchcoat and a military style jacket. If you check out topman etc I think you'll find a military jacket in the sale, and for the trenchcoat if you're not going to wear it again maybe check out the charity shops?

    This is the pic I went from:…3DG

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