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Found 3rd Aug 2008
hi does anyone know the cheapest places to buy bags of james wellbeloved cat food? thanx
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That has never been one of the easiest foods to buy - never mind cheaply......

Having tried just about every sigle 'premium' food breeded of Oriental cats) I often found that the cheapest I could get it was in bulk from the local rep of the given cat food maker.. (ie James Wellbeloved) On a rtail basis, I would often find cheap(er) packs in garden centres (believe it or not!) as well as selected vets....

There are other makes of premium food that your kitties will probably like too...

Often breeders try to mix the food for the first 16 weeks....

You can often get onto their mailing list for freebies and special offers too if you wish....

Other than that - I hope you dont have too many little legs to feed -as it can be quite a shock initailly paying that amount - but undoubtedly, when they eat it up and their coats are shining like a show puss you cant help but give in when you next see it...

Incidentally, in the US thats all they feed their cats on (in the majority of cased) (Dry food I mean)

Good luck, and I hope somebody else knows a good plan or spot for you... Other than that pester your local vets to use thier trade card to get you some on the cheap!

Meow for now.

You could try ordering through Quidco and using this discount code:

We use to buy in store from our local Wyevale garden centre, as they often had 3 for 2 offers but they don't always have Wellbeloved in stock. You could try your local but stocks and offers do seem to vary from store to store.
I bought some a couple of weeks ago from petmeds:

5% quidco and use code intro737 for a further 5% - it was the cheapest I could find for the 2kg bags.

Why do cats have to have such expensive taste?!!
My cats will only eat Science Plan Natures Best dry cat food which costs about £22 for a 4kg bag. I tried them on a few other brands that were a bit cheaper but they will only eat Nature's Best - bloody fussy gits.
lol yeah he is a fussy little thing but hes worth it. does anyone know if the large 10kg bags are resealable like the 2kg bags or would i need to empty into a container?
They look it from the pictures.
i emailed a couple of people that sell it on ebay to find out but one said yes and one said no!!
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