Jamie Carragher autobio

Found 4th Dec 2008
Where is the best cheapest place to buy the autobio of Jamie Carragher?


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i was warned about thread spoiling for the same comment in the previous thread, so I hope this won't be the case here.

i was serious when i mentioned charity shops. people tend to be more generous, giving more stuff to charity shops in the run up to Christmas, so i would try there. they tend to get a lot of (auto)biographies - so i would try there - you may be able to pick it up for £1 or so.

I got warned too, I must say I think it is a bit harsh to complain about a thread being spoiled when users are having a bit of a laugh ( not at the op) and also at the same time keeping the thread bumped up to the top of the forum to keep it relevant so others can get a chance to view it!


Play £11.99
Amazon £9.49
WH Smith £11.01

Check ebay.

Im out!

I got warned as well. I think someone has a humour bypass. Maybe he's on a fixed rate mortgage.

Original Poster

Anyone can have a laugh that is why we have a MISC. section.

I was asking a question and expecting/hoping for a reply to it.

Anyway, thanks ifyoudontask? for your input.

aarond74 still spoiling the thread by giving no input to the original question....

Original Poster

Your forgiven:thumbsup:

I just wanted an answer to the question...

Anyway thanks:)

wait till after xmas, they'll be selling them in the pound shops:-D:-D

Original Poster

Why would that be irshybar?

Do they normally sell autobio's for a £1
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