Jamie Lynn Spears Pregnant!! (brintney spears' 16 yr old sister)

    just read in digital spy forum that shes pregnant! who would have guessed!…nt/


    something runs in the family :whistling:

    Secretly everyone knows that the redesigned HUKD site is to blame :thumbsup:

    Lily Allen is pregnant too, her boyfriend's wife is probably going to be a but annoyed at that one
    and the one built like a Glaswegian docker from R1 is up the duff too!
    This Wii shortage got out of hand, people have had to find other things to do...

    16? I thought that a 16yo was a minor in the US?


    Her boyfriend is 17 so whatever state it happened in it's not statutory.
    Very funny though.

    Was going to say "And she was ****" but thought better of it.....

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