Jamie Oliver + Olive oil

    Whats wrong with the guy? Great chef but he puts the stuff in everything. Just been watching his 30 min program, why is he pouring olive oil over a Chinese dishes. Thats just not right.


    Jamie Olive-oil uses way to much olive all on everything! Should name his dishes olive oil with a side of.....

    Thought it was just me that had noticed this! Perhaps he's sponsored by the Olive Oil Producers Guild or something. I swear he'd put the stuff in a trifle if he could get away with it.

    Olive oil is the elixir of good food. Only wish I had discovered it 30yrs ago.

    Have lost 4st by careful eating and as much olive oil as I want........and have kept this off for 5yrs now.

    If you can use it your EARS.....then I am sure you could get into a trifle, somehow oO

    its good for you mmmmmmm

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    It maybe be good for you, doesnt mean it goes with everything.

    olive oil chillies and lemons are in every one of his recipies


    should be renamed the seasoning and olive oil show my kids think he is hilarious with the amount of the stuff he adds!

    I know, just when you think he is not going to use it he says "and finish it off with a nice drizzle of olive oil" or words to that effect


    it puts me right off....yuk!

    thanks goodness he is not using ginger oil....



    olive oil chillies and lemons are in every one of his recipiesfact

    Because they're 'best mates..........'

    I love olive oil, but it is like a marmite thing. You either love it or hate it.
    The olive oil thing doesnt bother me but he does seem to add chillis to everything and SO much salt.

    PS I actually like chilli's, but he gets through so many

    having tried his 30min recipes id say give it a try. ok so ive gone thru 2+litres in the last few weeks but my cooking has never tasted so good.

    im also addicted to dipping bread into just oil+balsamic vinegar

    Site somewhere that confirms Dear Jamie's recipies take a minimum of 45-50 mins, tested several times.

    Personally cannot abide Mr Oliver but I do admire his passion and tenacity and he clearly has inspired many who would not ever be interested in developing flavours or cooking..

    His leadership in bringing on so many who would never have had the opportunity, is to be admired. No matter what skill you have in should always be willing to pass this on.

    It is not just due to Jamie that I embraced the use of Olive Oil yrs ago. We all still need fat in any diet. Olive oil is the easiest way to do this and adds so much flavour, and changed my eating habits dramatically.

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