Japanese knifes

    Have any of you guys invested in a set of Japanese or even just a single Japanese knife before? They look the business and I heard they are sharp as hell and quite expensive. I cook quite a lot, is it worth getting a set?



    Thread is worthless without links.

    lnks plz

    i got a load of global knifes - end up getting abit obsessed with them.
    got about 13+ but only really use two all the time and the odd one occasionally.
    they do some really cool japanese or oriental knives you can use for most things.

    I keep waiting to see a deal on a Global GS 20-24cm knife but I never do.

    Japanese steel is made differently i think? Put below freezing after forging to maintain sharpness longer or somesuch technique... not cheap though.

    Got some Japanese knives when I was working abroad, very good.

    Civic EG6;8325964

    Yep there are a few videos of how they are made … Yep there are a few videos of how they are made here:…spx
    That table seems to show £100+ for something decent, unfortunately I wouldn't trust housemates with that, I just know someone would damage/break it.

    Yes they are sharp and can chop through a cucumber in seconds, but on the down side they dont fit in the dishwasher :thumbsup:

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    Thats a katana I am talking about this type:

    i love the ceramic ones.... sharp as hell and never need to be re-sharpened.. down side ... can snap if dropped !!

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    How did you pay for it?


    Civic EG6;8326003

    How did you pay for it?

    I'm guessing with money.

    Bought the GS-36 for £22 with a sharpener a couple of years ago and use it for everything.
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