Japanese wii broken - no AV signal! - anyone recommend plae to repair?

    My sister got a Japanese Wii at Xmas time for her hubby and it died yesterday - well it still powers on but no output to tv. Someone suggested it would most likely need a board replacement as GPU or processor most likely gone but that she would probably have to get a PAL one. Is it really expensive to get this done - i.e. would she be as well buying a new one and selling her broken one for spares? Any helpadvice appreciated. Also if anyone knows anyone who does Wii repairs etc in Angus area or provides a good shippingreturns service.

    Just had a thought, brother in law is an electronics engineer, would it be easy enough for him to replace board, and where could I source one!

    Thanks for any helpadvice! Its my brother in laws birthday today so would really like to sort out some kind of fix for him!


    Is there no warranty with it? Where did you get it from?

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    Thanks for responses so far. Unfortunately wii is invalid for warranty...guy I bought it from sold it for his brother so is contacting him to see where he bought it but guess warranty of any sort is out f the question....even if it is only 3-4 months old. Any thoughts on how expensive to repair or if I should just get her a new one and sell the old one for spares?
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