Jasper1675 - Xbox Live Gold Card Seller Query

    Has anyone purchased a gold account of this guy…tml
    and if so how long did it take before you recieved the email with the code inside ?



    within 2-3 hours

    I purchased one from his on Saturday but did not receive it within the couple of minutes as stated

    Had to email him a couple of times but eventually got it about 3 days later. He was apologetic and said that he was sure it had been sent

    It worked fine and would recommend it

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    Cheers for replying peeps.
    I bought one for the 1st time yesterday evening and it's now been around 16 hours and I've heard nowt back.
    Didn't expect to get anything sent out in the middle of the night but I would've thought I'd have recieved something by now.
    Hope it doesnt take 3 days

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    Still ****** all

    you've checked your junk mail yeh?

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    Yeah mate. I use hotmail and check the junk folder regularly.

    Try posting on the forum under his feedback section -- ]http//ww…tml

    Maybe hes not up yet?

    In his about me thingy he calls Football Soccer so hes probly american. If hes west coast who are like 8 hours behind he could still be in bed if he had a late nite. dont get all worked up lol....

    Yeah give it 48 hours.

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    Cheers Snailman I've registered on there and made a post in the feedback section.

    I'm panicing because I've told my son, who's coming to stay at the weekend, that I've already got him a 3 month card, so if I've heard nowt by tomorrow then I'm going to have to go out and buy another ffs lol.

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    Sorted !!

    Nice one Jasper and thanks to all who replied

    Hi everyone

    After reading about Jasper on here I decided to give them a go but it isn’t going to plan:

    I bought my code on Saturday afternoon and received it very quickly (in two hours) but the code was not valid.

    I reported it to Jasper and got an e-mail back (quickly) asking me to try it again and check my details on xbox live.

    After confirming that all the details were correct the code was still not valid.

    I’ve not heard back from jasper yet and I’m getting a bit worried, I’ll keep you posted.

    Edit: Jasper sent me a new code to replace the invalid one and it worked (finally)
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