Java-free version of hotmail?

    I use my iphone tethering to use the internet on my desktop, and for some reason (with any browser) when I try and click anything on hotmail it just says javascript:; in the info bar at the bottom and nothing happens. Is there a java free version of hotmail knocking about so I can read and delete my emails?

    Many thanks!


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    Java is not the same thing as javascript. Even though they have the word "java" in common they are in fact totally different things.…ipt…tml

    Make sure javascript is turned on in your browser.

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    Im also on o2. Can use hotmail just fine on my phone so assume its a browser thing?

    And javascript is enabled in chrome/firefox/IE (none of these work), I have just checked.

    Thanks for replies thus far!

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    But hotmail works when I browse on my phone oO

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    Well then we can't help if you say it's not your phone, o2, and not your … Well then we can't help if you say it's not your phone, o2, and not your browsers/pc.

    I've no idea what it is oO
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