Java Script


    how do i turn on Javascript, so that I can watch video's on Youtube on my work PC?



    1. Menu -> Tools -> Internet Options
    2. Go to "Security" Tab and press "Default level" or "Custom level" if you want to keep your settings.
    3. In "Custom level" go to Scripting -> Active Scripting and check "Enable" or "Promt option".
    4. Press Ok

    Firefox 0.8 and Up

    1. Start Mozilla Firefox browser or restart it if it is already running.
    2. Select Tools > Options.
    3. Dialog box: Options
    4. Click Web Features > Select Enable Java


    Want to lose your job?


    Want to lose your job?

    But its christmas and everyones at it these days...seems losing your job is all the rage :whistling:

    If the company is any good at its IT it wont let standard users change the settings anyway

    Original Poster

    I still can't get it. Can i play the videos using old flash player? Anyone know how? I could get it on my old PC, but got a new one now, and I can't play them!
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