Found 5th Sep 2009
What is Java,?..... has been asking me for days to update (never knew I had it). One of my kids must have started the update, turned on computer today and the install boxes keep popping up and won't go away.

Seems stuck on install because asking me for the source CD. Have browsed a number of places but it does not like any of them. Have tried to uninstall and start again but won't let me, says finish current installation.......can't even work in my documents becuase keeps popping up. No idea what source it is after and really just need to get rid of this....I can live with non updated version if that is what it takes to get shut of this

Can anyone please save my sanity today, have a work deadline to complete!!!

Much appreciated
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I would recommend downloadng the install file and see if it works.
25mins later...

Thanks for this. Did appear to be downloading all OK then the boxes appeared again, so back to the beginning. I think it wants the MS number off the Office I install a while back when first got laptop, no idea where this is and no time to go looking.

pop ups still occuring............

Have managed to uninstall all Java stuff. Have tried to download MS clean up facility but error code comes up and stops the download.

Any other suggestions how to stop the pop ups please?
OK. Just in case there are any other dudes out there had same problem with constant pop up installers every time you abort a download.............

Finally got rid of it:- start, run and enter services.msc
find Java in Windows installer

Doulbe click to find the properties

somewhere it says disable

OK so just a temporary fix so at least not annoying me now.

Clearly much more of an expert than I thought!
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