i have had my pc 4 about 6 months now and all of a sudden javascript stopped working. i have tried everything but it still doesnt work!!

    its especially annoying as i cant use hotmail and other javascript based site.

    i would be grateful if any1 could help.



    Have a read of ]this

    If you're still having problems let us know what happens when you try and load the page

    Have you just updated firefox?

    Original Poster

    no i havent got firefox

    Original Poster

    hi greg, iv read the forum via the link u gave me and iv uninstalled java and now trying to download it again, i click on 'begin download' and nothing happens.

    iv tried this already on several occasions but stil refuses to work

    On the page have you tried a manual download (just to the right of the download button)

    Original Poster

    ye i just tried that now and it seems to have worked, now do test if it works. many thanks for the help. added rep too

    No problem - let us know how you get on.

    Original Poster

    ffs!! stil doesnt work, might just give up!

    If you've got Windows XP you could roll your system back to a date you know it was working with a system restore.

    Also if you click on Tools... Internet Options... Advanced what does it say under Java(Sun)?

    What happens when you try and load the pages that require Java? Do you get the yellow warning triangle in the bottom left hand corner?

    Original Poster

    it got the Java(Sun) box ticked and in brackets it says 'requires restart' so im guessing i gotta restart the pc. an no the 'done, with errors on page' triangle doesnt appear.

    back in a minute after restart..

    When you click on download on the Java page does the yellow information bar appear under the file menu and address bar?

    That could be the reason it appears not to be doing anything

    Original Poster

    bak. it still says requires restart.. myt jus giv up an do a system restore.. no the little car under the file menu doesnt appear

    the little car under the file menu doesnt appear

    lol I've never heard it called that before

    Next step probably is a system restore then and let us know how you get on

    Original Poster

    lol whoops i meant little bar and ye i will do a system restore. thanks again
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