Jawbone fitness trackers removed from online shops

Found 4th Jul
Just be aware if you've bought a Jawbone fitnsss tracker recently, it probably won't work soon.

"Jawbone fitness trackers are no longer for sale at Amazon, Selfridges and GroupOn after a Which? investigation.

The consumer group found that the trackers were no longer supported, so anyone buying the gadget would be unable to measure their progress.

The consumer group investigated after seeing hundreds of customers complain about the gadgets.

It said many people could be entitled to refunds as the devices have effectively stopped working."

Source: bbc.co.uk/new…355

Problems with the Jawbone UP app

The companion app that serves the functions of the product, hasn't been working in weeks.

Problems with the app includes;

  • log in to their accounts
  • access the app at all
  • sync the data from their Jawbone tracker with the app
  • view any recent activity, such as step counts
  • log in or set up a new account even after deleting and reinstalling the app.

With Jawbone going into liquidation last year, it's troubling that the supporting app still fails to function correctly.

On 28 May, Jawbone issued a statement on its Facebook page and twitter describing a 'transition plan' to merge services and continue providing the 'UP' service.

2975221.jpg(via WHICH)

Anyone owning a Jawbone for longer than six months can ask for a partial refund.

If you’ve got a Jawbone product that’s not fit for purpose, you may be able to make a claim for a refund, repair or replacement under the Consumer Rights Act.
Community Updates
I have found it's still useable.
The tracker still syncs its data to your phone, so you can check what kind of sleep you had etc.
I have found that the daytime recording of steps/activity has reverted to GMT so the graph is out by an hour, it's not a problem. Its still better than my phone's health app in accuracy.

The trend feature no longer works and my phone frequently tries to connect to Jawbone to upload data.

The parts of the app I use are still there. I won't be returning the little Jawbone as it was cheap, it works
and fitness watches are too big for my skinny wrists.

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34249147-kDEv1.jpgHere is the proof it still works on the phone
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