Found 27th Mar 2017
Anybody used JBHIFI before ? Was considering purchasing a Tv, they have a five year warranty with their tv's ... wondered what experiences anyone had and has anyone had to claim off their warranty and what was their experience
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Let me know if you find anything out about them....

Im dubious about it being legit to be honest!
Domain name:

Natalie Gates

Registrant type:
UK Individual

Registrant's address:
RH10 1AQ
United Kingdom

Data validation:
Nominet was able to match the registrant's name and address against a 3rd party data source on 10-Mar-2017

eNom, Inc. [Tag = ENOM]
URL: enom.com

Relevant dates:
Registered on: 10-Mar-2017
Expiry date: 10-Mar-2018
Last updated: 10-Mar-2017

Registration status:
Registered until expiry date.
Who underwrites the warranty ?
I spoke to this company before I ordered the TV and it seemed OK so I placed the order for the TV last Thursday and transferred the funds into their account. I received an email back to say delivery would be yesterday. Needless to say it did not arrive. I have tried to contact them today and cannot get any answer on the telephone and the link to the web site is not longer available. I have my suspicions that I have been conned, as the cost of the TV was too good to be true. If I receive any further information I will post the details.
i am sorry to hear that people have been dupped. I have pondered for days about buying a 4k tv as the prices were tempting. Fortunately for me I take ages to make my mind up. The site was believably set up however and nearly took my money.
Looks like a scam as they have ripped off the name of a popular Australian retailer: jbhifi.com.au/
i orderd &paid for tv on friday, supposed to be delivered today not looking good
it is a scam. you need to speak to action fraud now and speak to bank for fraud refund. google for essex television warehouse scam you find a page with so many people who fell 4 it
I was nearly duped but got a price match from a big player by showing them the web link have had my doubts since watching them last week and seemed to good to be true and can not find their base on google maps
So sorry to hear you are in the same position billent.
We phoned the fraud dept at the bank to where the money was sent and they have taken all the details and
will investigate. They cannot guarantee the money being refunded, but we will know within a week to 10 days, but hopefully by posting this comment it will stop someone else being caught.
We are kicking ourselves as we are usually so careful, it is a hard lesson learned.
mailvanman if any help to you there is a police station in crowhurst road they maybe able to investigate or at least bring it to their notice
mailvanman - Please update on you circumstances if anything changes; item received etc..... I have also reported this to the fraud team of Barclays, the bank that account & sort code is linked to. I also have been caught up in this potential fraud, and reported to my bank account.

I had my suspicions, but like a fool I continued!
Was going to purchase a Samsung 55" 4K reduced by £350 against other retailers went to pay and the site didn't recognise the payment methods that usually get thrown up. These people don't answer any calls because they go straight to a voicemail (which obviously was their intention) so any price matches that are attempted to be made can't be as this is part of the conditions the retailer you request the price match with need to contact the retailer you found it with so cheap.

As they say" if it's too cheap to believe it's more than likely a con "!
Is this the website Here and is it the same phone number?
Also found this on page 107 of Avforums and it looks like others have also been scammed.
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billdent and mailvanan....
Have you received your goods today or have you received nothing and you appear to have been a victim of fraud, potentially like me?

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Yes that is the same site and phone number.
No goods have been received and we believe this to be a scam.
i need info, no delivery yesterday, no contact from them despite repeated atttempts from me
disco 84,billdent here but no tv have contacted action fraud
I've been cheated with 349£ for a smart tv frome those cheaters,anybody can do something?
Yeah, complete scam!

£699 gone.....

Called both banks and action fraud myself, but very unlikely to get money back!

Feel like driving to known address and confronting Natalie Gates.

For anyone else who has be conned, I advise to report this to action fraud, so they and the police can build a case and hopefully catch this scum of the earth!
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Looking at Google maps at the postcode RH10 1AQ, it's clearly a large development of hundreds of flats. I doubt if anyone is actually at the address, it's probably rented just for the address.
Has anyone tried contacting Trading Standards for that area and asking how many cases have been reported etc. Or is that what action fraud is for?
I have a different address from you, this being a scam I guess there are other random addresses. It is now in the hands of action fraud.
i found loads of info at thecomputerperson.wordpress.com/2015/07/29/bank-accounts-associated-with-electronic-goods-scams

looks like they hav been around 4 years and not getting stopped. i reported to action fraud and got a case number but bank refuses to return funds!!! What can I do?
WARNING ..... I purchased a 4K 55" TV from JBHIFi at a cost of £349 on the 23/0317,
My Payment by debit card to JBHIFI Barclays. I immediately received confirmation of the order and a deliver date to my home address on the 27/03/17.
The delivery has not been made and all efforts to contact the company have failed
hi,Jonnybeenhad bazwhee been had too to the tune of £379

Is this the website Here and is it the same phone number?Also found this … Is this the website Here and is it the same phone number?Also found this on page 107 of Avforums and it looks like others have also been scammed.

Yes that's them
Us too, for a massive £799!! It was a good price for the tv we ordered but not massively so. We had been looking at the site for several days before deciding to go ahead. I even googled to try and find out if there were any negative reviews against them but nothing came up at the time.

We signed up for the newsletter too and got email confirmation for that, a welcome to the site,confirmation of order received and a delivery date and time. I began to get suspicious on Thursday morning because I expected a text or email confirming the ETA and nothing arrived. Delivery was supposed to be between 4 and 6 pm. By 6 it was obvious it was a scam. I reported it to Action Fraud and then my bank with the crime number I had been given. Bank (Santander) patently disinterested and said it was a very common type of fraud that they saw a lot and it was very unlikely I would get any money back. This was Thursday 30th March. Rung them today, Monday 3rd April, to find out what is happening and after a lot of waiting was told a fraud investigator had contacted Barclays today to ask if my £799 was still in the account and was told (surprise, surprise) that it wasn't. As far as Santander is concerned that's it!! Grrr! Website is still live and appears to be still taking orders. It pops up on Amazon's sidebar and Facebook so potentially they have stolen millions and neither the bank or police seem at all bothered.
Was looking to buy a new tv , found a site called Londontvsdirect, looked good and then the site went down for "service"- it is still down. Carried on searching and came across jbhifi, the site looked familiar , then I realised it was exactly the same as Londontvsdirect site had been. I wanted a Sony z9d and the price looked too good, so being a suspicious person e mailed them to see if I could pick up the TVs and pay on collection - they replied saying that this was not possible due to health and safety rules at their warehouse. This put me off and after reading previous posts realise I would have been conned if I had ordered.
Me too. £299 , that's about a weeks wages for me. NatWest not bothered , would not do anything . Have contacted action fraud , but concerned about the amount of people that have been frauded yet the site is still live. Why can't the police block it and why doesn't Barclays do something about their account? No wonder they are getting away with this so easily.
Hi all.
I was also scammed by this website.
I purchased a TV for £349! No delivery etc...
I did speak to a customer services rep though before the number was cut off. She told me that my TV would be delivered. She answered the phone with JB HIFI Customer Services, she sounded so professional! I spoke to her 3 times on the week of the 27th March! No TV arrived!! Funnily enough!
I spoke with my bank and Barclays on the 29th as I feared a scam. I also spoke with Action Fraud who took the details, but they hear this a lot and are massively under resourced so I doubt I will hear back any time soon.
I received a letter from Barclays today to say that unfortunately the account is now closed and also empty and there is nothing more they can do!!! I find this disgusting, how can they let someone open an account without having proper checks on them!! They should be held to account!

I have checked the website today and it is still up!! The police don't seem interested and just pass you on to action fraud! Useless!

Who says crime doesn't pay!!!

I am going to have to take this one on the chin and be more careful next time!
Has anyone tried to get hold of this Natalie Gates?
You'd be better of contacting Matt Allwright to investigate.
Looks very organised.
Looks like hypertelevisions.co.uk could be new scam site
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Looks like http://www.hypertelevisions.co.uk could be new scam site

Yes it looks like they've opened a new website.
Returns policy obviously copy and pasted as before - they do not refund iTunes vouchers (a product they don't even sell).
Appear to be getting more daring....

£11,000 TV to be paid via BACS, I don't bloody think so!

I like the fact the billing info requires a ZIP code and the country selection is defaulted to United States, on a .co.uk website!


Yes it looks like they've opened a new website.Returns policy obviously … Yes it looks like they've opened a new website.Returns policy obviously copy and pasted as before - they do not refund iTunes vouchers (a product they don't even sell).

Somebody on avf bought a oled this afternoon £2100 ouch
Ouch? More like Aaaaaargh!
Ive been dithering for about 2 weeks whether to buy my new LG TV from them,I just saved £549 I checked to see who my next best deal was from it happened to be Boots £629
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