JD Bug Cool Carver scooter or Razor Powerwing scooter ??

Found 2nd Nov 2011
Please help. Went in to Halfords the other day with the kids and they saw the JD Bug cool carver scooter. They ad a go and loved it and both said they were going to ask santa for one for xmas. I have now bought them but wouldn't normally buy them exactly the same item and am wondering about changing my sons' (who's to the Razor powerwing which is similar I believe. Also the Razor looks like it's for an older child as it doesn't have the 2 sticky out bits at the back. Is there a major difference does anyone know? The other thing is my son has been saying his mates have been talking about a JD Bug at school so I don't want to change it to the razor and for him to be dissappointed. Hope I'm making sense lol
My daughter is 5 btw

Actually just noticed that the JD Bug one says suitable from 8 years! Am surprised at that as defo looks like it should be the other way around.
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Nobody? Someone must be in the know. Come on peeps wot one would ur 8 year old prefer??
I personally think that one looks a bit big for a 5 year old, other than that i have no idea
Yh I was thinking that, looks like it should be the other way around don't it?!! But my 5 year old daughter had ago at the JD Bug one and worked it fine so must be ok. I really just wanna know if the JD Bug is the 'trendier' one for an 8 year old boy or if there's much difference but nobody knows
Thanks sassie x
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why not pop back into the shop with kids, looking for something else of cause, and see if you can get an idea from them which ones they would like, obviously without being direct

to me they both look to big for a 5 yr old, but if you have seen her on one then you will know best
Yh, think I'm gonna have to do this. Bit of a pain but want it to be right. Thanks hun x
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