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Posted 12th Nov
Does anyone ever get these bargains at jd m.jdsports.co.uk/cam…t=pprice-low-high
Nike trainers at £5... Always seem to be out of stock and I've been checking regular.
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Never been that price. Dont know why they do it
Most of the time the order goes through only to receive a cancellation email a few days later. However the times i have actually received the items, they were not in best condition. For example I purchased some white converse for £10, when they arrived one was new whereas the other was yellow and used with stains(lol)
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Seen people get some crazy prices in store at JD sports like Nike Air Max 90’s for £20. They were posted on here

I think the online stuff sells out super quick and I’ve never managed to grab anything, they leave them up on site when they have already sold out which I find frustrating and clearly a way of getting you to the site and browse for more.
On jd the price is set to go low when they have 1 item left in stock of a particular size so you could be lucky but most of the time the order gets cancelled
I’ve tried purchasing a few of the trainers now for the past couple of days. Trainers at £5, £10 and so on. Get right to the checkout only for them to tell me out of stock!! So frustrating!
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