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Found 9th Aug 2011
I bought adidas top from JD sports like 2 weeks ago and today i tried it on and its too big for me so i decided to give it back but i looked at the recipet and it shows that i can exchange it within 7 days? I thought it was 28 days?

I had bought another mckenzie top yesterday and on the reciept it says i can exchange it within 28 days but i forgot to ask them about the adidas top.

Was there an error on my reciept? Ive only had the top for 14 days and just noticed its too big for me.
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tell them it was a gift ,and it doesn't fit
If you buy it online you have 28days to return to store. if you buy in store you only have 7 days
its probably open right now, go in and get ur exchange. mind the glass though
im s ure if you check out ebay you can get the right size cheap!
seriously get your mam to swap it..i never have any problems with anything but my kids (and i mean even when they were 20yrs old did. Theyre polite and everything but a lot of places treat young people badly.
It's 7 days, I was a day over and they gave me the refund on a gift card.
I brought a top like 2 weeks ago and like didn't bovver like trying it onn cos eye fort it wood fit me. Y didn't I like just try it on wen I brought itt innit
i use jd often, and i think the policy is, you can have a refund after 7 days, but between 7 and 28 days its an exchange only
7 days refund 28 days exchange..
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