JDEAL - the orchestrator of late night wit reaches 3k posts!

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Found 25th Nov 2007
Many congratulations go to you sir!

I was going to write a witty congratulations post laced with sarcasim.....but didn't bother as i know i'd only come out 2nd best! :w00t:

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What a disgraceful man.

Full of spam

And never goes to sleep..

Wait, i'm discribing myself, however - we do have a similar likeness.

Welcome home son!


Well done John!!!!!

Is he even here tonight? Or is he out celebrating!

God help us.

He is here tonight, talking to him on MSN

This thread will shortly be hijacked by the night crew.

Gavin, me and the one and only JD.


People, i'm touched and have been since my childhood, but we best not go there.

My plan was to abandon you all at post 3000, but you went and noticed! I'm lucky to still be with you tonight, the local council have been trying to reduce energy emmisions by playing depressive songs on the radio late at night. Thankfully, I keep a MP3 player stored with the knives and in my hypnotised state manage to turn on 'Dancing Queen'.

Haven't got much to say, other than i'm jobless, have no money and am spiralling into the shadowy pits of which is my mind. Oh, and - Choo Choo!

I used to be a Conductor, I had to give it up after getting struck by lightening.

Well done JDeal :thumbsup::-D:p

Well done old chap.

well done mate your wit knows no end
you have kept me amused on many a cold night

WTG JD! :w00t:
[SIZE="1"](I Like to keep it short 'n' sweet!)[/SIZE]

(mines even shorter AND sweeter):p



Congratulations JD, you're a ray of sunshine in an otherwise dark and cold world....

Well done!!! [/CENTER]

[SIZE="3"]Nice one JD[/SIZE]..Insomniacs United!:thumbsup:

well done jd

!enod llew

Congrats and well done JD :-D


Thank you all.

Well done JDeal xx

Congratulations JDeal :santa:

He's mad and as bad as kwiksave beans but I do admire his humour....congratulations and long may HUKD benefit from your warped mind!!!


[SIZE="4"][COLOR="purple"]Well done,my good friend!![/COLOR][/SIZE]

[COLOR="Red"][SIZE="6"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]xxx[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]

Well done J, a geniunely nice person :thumbsup:

Well done JDeal :thumbsup: :thumbsup:!!!!!

wtg JDEAL congratulations


Even more congratulations!

One from the wii-scam planner, who thought my next congratulator was a man.
One from the one that nearly got flooded, who thought she wasn't prepared and it turned out she had her own sea-worthy vessel.
One from a pervert.
One from a good friend.
One from a running person, that I have somehow covinced I'm a nice person.
One from the one that hides in the dark at night, randomly popping up to help in my duets when singing to scammers.
And one from an idealist who believes they have their own town.

I've attracted quite a crowd. Thank you all very much from the one that has probably offended you all at one point or another.


[COLOR="Orange"][SIZE="5"]Yay, congrats strange fruit xxx:-D [/SIZE][/COLOR]

Whoop!!! whoop!!!!

well done although this thread really should contain the Beware may contain nuts disclaimer, cos frankly its bloody full of 'em
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