I think you are a lucky man matey dont be jealous though it will take the good out of your relationship sooner than later ...

its good that u can admit your jelous. not many men would admit to that



its good that u can admit your jelous. not many men would admit to that

Agreed :thumbsup:

Think you have a case but whatever you do don't whinge to her about it. Keep working hard and good things will happen, I'm sure you'll get your turn :-)


I have no money, do you want to take me out instead?

It could be worse, she could be your ex.

get rid you are playing second fiddle to a women grow some balls!!!!!just kidding happy days you can spend her money.....

Why hasnt she asked you to move in?

Both me and my gf just left uni and got our first marketing positions, she got lucky and is earning £5k a year more than me, has better benefits and works an hour a day less. It bugs me a bit, not because shes my gf but if it was anyone i knew! But at the end of the day i dont know many other people who have got grad positions yet and i know that in a few years the tables could turn if i go about things the right way.

alot of people ITT forum know about jealousy

You can be a little bit jealous, but not extremely, for a little while, then be very very happy - it sounds like you've got just about everything that someone could want for - family, g/f, job, prospects, health. You're just human ( I guess), red dwarfer.;-)

Dont be jealous, maybe in time you'll settle down together and you'll be the main earner, if you're both happy with your jobs believe me there's plenty of time for lifes ups and downs to hit you yet, life is like like a box of chocolates, never a truer word said. good luck and be proud, you're a lucky man and if you dont appreciate her, be aware, someone else will

[COLOR="Purple"]You'd have reason to be jealous if she was someone else's girlfriend![/COLOR]
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