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    There was a post a while ago about these knives, a free set of 5, just pay £7.95 p&p. A lot of people doubted this site and their price, but I ordered a set then and it arrived yesterday.

    Now, they're not the best knives in the world, but for £7.95, you're not going to get Gordon Ramsey standard knives! I have spent £300+ on five knives in the past, and I have to say that these are really good for normal, everyday use. I must say, I'm happily surprised with the quality of the set and extremely happy to have got them for just £7.95!!!

    Thanks to everyone at HUKD for another great bargain!!!


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    the original post is ]here

    've ordered twice with these guys and i cant fault them
    but with everytthig there is going to be a bad story with some customers

    i orderd the ones that were free with £2.95 postage
    not the best but worth the £2.95
    only thing i wills ay is you get lots of emails from the website :thumbsup:

    Yes I got mine a while back for £2.89 for a set of 5 - they are really nice too, agree that you get alot of email from them but doesn't take long to delete them along with all the other rubbish junk mail. ...

    Yes, I got these about a year ago, and I'm still using then today. One in particular is great for chopping parsley! Quite a good bargain.

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