Jeff Dunham

    I know a lot of people seem to have the impression he is a one trick pony due to the youtube phenomenom of "silence,I kill you",but saw him live last night and his show is utterly hilarious!

    Mrs barky and the kids were rolling in the aisles laughing-there were a very few swearie words used,but it wasnt in any way offensive and a great night out-so glad we decided to go.

    Anyone else seen the tour or going to the london gig?


    my brother in law is going to see him tomorrow evening, ive never heard of him before lol

    I've seen his US Specials and they are brilliant - I didnt realise he was coming to the UK or I'd have definitely gotten tickets.

    Very funny stand-up on his own as well as with his various characters.

    Seen all his DVD releases. Brilliant.

    Another Jeff Dunham fan here since being introduced to his work by a friend.

    Love his Stand up show stuff, Hated his TV show!

    I absolutely adore Jose the Jalepeno! on a stick!

    I think he's brilliant - my friends give me an odd look when I try and describe an american ventriloquist lol. His stage show is shown on Comedy Central now and again, I always have to watch it - the part where Peanut takes the p out of his name has me crying with laughter every time! Wish I had tickets! :-(

    He is fantastic, would love to go and see one of his shows! All his characters are brilliant, I couldn't pick a fave. The jalepeno on a stick is just hilarious!

    Saw him at Wolves civic hall monday. he is very talented, but I just didnt find him funny. Thought the humour was juvenile. With a good writter and some decent material he could be hilairious
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