Jeff Winter - ex Football Referee

Found 19th Oct 2009
Does anyone else agree that his guy is the biggest cretin ever to walk the planet?

He constantly criticises refereeing decisions by fellow professionals, making them look stupid and not qualified to referee at the top level. But as soon as someone else criticises a referee he is the first to say they should be banned for the maximum time possible. And he does all of this for his own publicity.

He is also the most anti Man Utd person ever. How he was ever allowed to referee a Man Utd game is beyond me.

He also has a website where fans can leave feedback, where quite often they make very genuine and good points to which he retorts with genius answers like "What would you know, you tool".

I hate this man with a passion and would like to meet him at dawn in Leeds city centre for a dual.
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Duel surely... unless you mean *cough* something entirely *ahem* different...
Glad i'm not the only one who thinks this.

Whenever there has been 'incidents' or 'poor and wrong decisions' by refs in the premier league, you always here him on the radio or on sky sports news giving his expert opinion on how the ref got it all wrong and should be banned for life and how he would of made the correct decision every time blah blah blah blah .....

Who does he think he is ...... i bet there are a few referees and managers who would love to give him a salp as well !!!! Total plonker.
You are right I do mean that Duel.

He is a complete gaunt man, I hate him.

He looks like a fat criminal. With a stupid beard.

Dermot Gallacher is just as bad.

He refereed me earlier in the year for a documentary he was doing for Sky Sports on grass roots football. During the game I was elbowed in the face on purpose and said to him "he just effin elbowed me" to which he replied "he didnt effin touch you now get on with it and stop moaning". Suffice to say my eye swelled up pretty big and we watched it back on the footage afterwards and it was clear as day. Did he apologise? Did he heckers! Bold idiot.
It's not like the **** didn't make plenty of mistakes during his career as a ref.
Exactly. Just trying to Milk it for as long as he can!

What annoys me is that SKY continuously use him as an expert, when he is quite clearly just an idiot.

He should stick to Burglary.
He does half time entertainment at Hartlepool, always gets booed.

He knows he's not liked so his responce is "thank you Hartlepool for another warm reception"
yep, i'm with you on that

Gets on my nerves that as soon as there is an incident n the football at the weekend sky sports wheels out jeff winter to have his say:x

No one cares what he has to say, he wasn't even a very good ref when he did it so why should be listen to him now.and don't get me started on his voice.....
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