Jemery Kyle Show

Found 19th Feb 2008
Strange request but is there anyone who has a dvd recorder that would be able to record this for me tomorrow and send it (of course i will cover costs)

I ask because although im not a fan of this show our cleaner (uni cleaner) and her daughter are appearing on the show (9.30am) but as it would be im in class so cant see it

Thanks in advance

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It will be available on probably later in the day if you wanted to download it.
I can't bear it myself.. but isn't it on ITV?
yeah its on itv and you can watch it on catch up later in the day…tml
:):)Never miss a show its repeated at 1.30pm on itv2 aswell:)and funny you say uni cleaner do you no thats a product we use in the school im a srubber to:-D

I can't bear it myself.. but isn't it on ITV?

see how much i actually know lol :whistling:

only want to see them on it lol
thanks everyone rep given
what they gonna be on it for?

what they gonna be on it for?

i dont know but im sure it'l not be something good if their on jk only time will tell lol :whistling:
I hate this bloke so much, all he does is make a living by shouting at god's mistakes, when he should just shoot the damn chavs instead:)

If you still want it recorded and put onto disc PM me and i'll sort that for you mate :thumbsup:
Can't stand that man or his show :x
yep what a pratt thinks he's mr righteous or something one day ill show him righteousness!
as if he never makes mistakes
Agreed with the other posters, i cant stand his show or him, but dis anyone on here listen to his Virgin radio show, jezza's virgin confessions or something? they were class, i had respect for him doing that.
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I'm not in to physical violance, but..........I would love to see someone hit that bloke.
Jeremy Kyle........who the hell does he think he is..... shut it, you're scum!
Oh dear God I saw Jeremy Kyle and the mother looked familiar to me, that's gonna bug me all day. Whered does she work?

I really can't understand why people feel the need to air all their problems on Jeremy kyle's show, but I'm glad they do, gives me something to laugh at if I'm home in the mornings
What was it all about??? I missed it
the mother works for resource cleaning (now for quens uni)

what was it about?

aplles thanks so much for sending me a copy, rep coming your way
I do know her then lol.

She was there asking her daughter to leave her violent spliff-loving boyfriend. It turned out the daughter (rough as feck) was pretty damn violent herself, she had bit her bf's finger off, whereas the worst he had done to her was to chase her, she fell down the stairs, and then he threatened to rub dog poo in her face!
lol sounds like a loving r'ship lol
Yeah, they both said how much they loved each other - I'm glad I've never been loved like that! It's a shame really, they were both really young. He was a right spide, and she was scary, but still it's a shame.
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