Jeremy Paxman weather reports on Newsnight (funny!)

    Always liked Jeremy Paxman for his no-bulls**t attitude when interveiwing politicians (see his Michael Howard interview where he asks the same question about 14 times due to not being given a straight answer, as an example - it's up on youtube).

    Hadn't seen this before though.
    Last year, the producers of Newsnight thought it would be a good idea to replace Financial News with a weather report.

    Paxman hated the idea and thought it dumbed down the programme. Knowing that he's basically irreplaceable, he decided to take the p**s, as shown in these clips from 'Have I Got News For You'.

    OLD, but funny if you've not seen it before.…tbc [U…tbc


    Paxmans a legend he says what everyone else wants to say

    Before I click the link I bet its the one where he uses the phrase 'variable smorgesbourg' of weather!

    Very funny if I remember.

    LOL Yeah thats the one!

    Forgot about "it's April....what do you expect?!" :-D :giggle:

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