Jerome Russell Bblonde Bleach any good?

Found 26th Mar 2011
ok so ive been dying my hair black for over a year now and i fancy a change but im abit worried about using a bleach...found this in boots and thought id see if anyone has used it? And wat the result was.
thanks x
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My only tip is don't use nice and easy foam, unless you want to end up ginger.
I've not used this product but I will tell you this. About 5 years,might be more now, I had my hair semi permanent black, colour washes out after 26 or so washes. Anyway even though the colour looked gone,obviously the colour is still on the hair. Anyway I used Clairol Hydrience ( can't spell it ) in an Ash Blonde colour and it went a weird orangey colour. In end I fixed it with a L'Oreal bleaching kit,when I say fixed,it toned the orange down but wasn't quite right.

Mine been dyed black a few times last year,then I had a colour lifter on it,brought it down to a dark brown and then I had a red colour put on, similar to what Cheryl Cole had during XFactor. Anyway not had anything else on it, am also hoping to go back to an Ash Blonde but growing it out,have a bit cut off. I did see an advert on tv for some colour lifter type product available in likes of Boots.

I suppose best thing to do is consult a salon to avoid any hiccups.
i used it back in the day, im like a dark blonde hair/brown naturally... worked allright for me but you will never get a natural colour from using this yourself, but it depends what your after.... it will dye your hair but what shade depends on timing etc

i also used that nordic stuff which has like nordic and extreme written on the box, think its swartzkop..f that works too, all the stuff with bleaching powder works

if you naturally have dark brown hair or darker then you will almost certainly end up ginger unless you leave it on long enough or dye your hair twice consecutively, (once you dye your hair put a carrier bag on ur head to trap the heat and speed up the process, it really works)

I used to bleach my hair year's a go using that stuff, Worked well for me, I have dark hair.

Make sure you leave it on long enough or it'll look ginger.
Not sure bout using this on ur colour hair, but this bleach is actually really good and I've been using it for years. Good luck
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