Jessops Photo Store in trouble

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Found 12th Sep 2009
I thought I would upload the statement, so if customers should purchase goods from Jessops, it might be an idea to use a Credit Card as you will be covered "should" Jessops go into administration.

This statement is floating around from a reliable source, and is well-known in the photo trade that they are in deep trouble.


"Jessops might not survive the recession unless its bankers are prepared "to take a hit", former chairman and cheid executive Tim Brookes has warned.

The photo chain revealed that like for like sales were once again down, by 4.7% in the 12 weeks to August 16.

Jessops are borrowing around £ 60 million, and a book value of some £ 2million the bank had to realise the business could not service that level of debt and only a complete restructuring would solve the problem, with the bank, if necessary, taking a hit."

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this is well old, they closed most of there shops last year

Original Poster


this is well old, they closed most of there shops last year

statement was released a few days ago regarding the sales upto 16th Aug 09.

i wasnt on about there sales memo, i meant them going under

Shame But Look At There Prices They Have Increased

Indeed. If Jessops priced competitively then perhaps they wouldn't be in a mess.

Awful service and high prices, its only expected.


Won't miss companies that are no longer competitive on prices i'm afraid. They are no longer a viable option.

It really is as if the people who work at Jessops have never heard of *the internet*...

They either need to be really helpful and knowledgeable or lower their prices.
For example whenever I'm in John Lewis and have a look around I never feel pressured and they are pretty nice and friendly. Whereas the PCWorld experience...
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