Jessops print offers - a warning

Found 1st Jul 2009
I recently receivced an email offering 50 free prints (code FIFTYFREE). Several problems;

I downloaded their sowftare to order 26 prints. Entering the voucher code it said the discount won't be shown until the end. At the end (after confirming the order), no discount was applied. Emaling jessops, I am told you have to order exactly 50 6x4 prints to get them free. Being used to the 20 free print offers where you get the first 20 free, I wrongly assumed that's how the 50 would work. Ahh well.

So the 26 prints are delivered. I ordered 6"x4", 15cmx10cm. As they fell out of the package I noticed a few were wider than the rest. Just great, 21 prints are 13.5cm x 10cm. According to jessops, some time during the ordering process I accepted original image size. Maybe I did, maybe I didn't, I'm not 100% sure but what I am sure about is that nothing told me they'd be physically cropped. ALL the print services I have used in the past have cropped the image but still managed to print them on 15x10 paper.

Brilliant, I now have 20 15x10 frames to fill with my daughter's prom photos and most of them look bl**dy awful, even with various backgrounds the edge of the cropped prints shows clearly.

Jessops are hiding behind various pieces of text that are supposed to have appeared during the ordering process. However they cannot show me anything that says the physical paper size they send will not be the paper size I ordered or the paper size printed on their receipt.

In fact in an email they are quite clear that they do not print white borders on "original size" images.

"It does not state that the images will be printed with white borders as we
do not print images this way."

You have been warned.
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