Jet2 Free Flights Competition

    Just wondering how many people won.

    A lot of people can't find my original post because it was expired.


    Post if you won.

    I got 1, as did my OH, brother, and sister in law


    I won as well!! I didn't realise it was just one return flight if i'd known i'd have got my hubby to enter too:-( It's a long way to go for me as i live in kent....

    yup! I won. Done the quiz at 10:25. Would be interested to know when those who won applied....

    Were do i find out? just my email?

    I won (one ticket only). Thanks - great post:-D

    i won one too..

    When did you's apply?


    When did you's apply?

    About 10.40am on 12th feb

    Yes I won too .... ONE return flight from Leeds Bradford (over 100 miles from where I am !! )
    Part of email
    So, where will you choose to go? With 36 great destinations flying from Leeds Bradford you’ll be spoilt for choice.

    Wherever you choose one thing’s for sure, you’ll love flying with us. If you haven’t travelled with before, then now is your chance to experience the fantastic friendly service we provide.

    How to Claim your Flight

    If you already know where you want to travel and when, go to [url][/url] and complete the form on Wednesday 27th February . Fill in the form providing your top 3 destinations in order of preference and the dates you want to travel. Our reservation team will check availability and confirm the details back to you via email within 14 days. When completing the form, please ensure that all the boxes are completed accurately and that you include your unique reference number shown at the top of this email. Please also input the passenger name as it appears on your passport.

    If you don’t know where you want to travel and when just yet, then don’t worry as you can redeem your free return flight at anytime up to 30th September 2008 at [url][/url]. If you can’t decide where to go, then why not visit our destination pages for some ideas.

    If you want to travel with family and friends please book these flights separately once your competition flight has been confirmed at [url][/url]

    Congratulations again and happy flying!

    Anyone else won ? Let us know

    YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY... thaks for starting this thread - I had forgotten about the comptetion. It was only reading this that I decided to go and check my email - in fact I had deleted the thing! But Yay - I won too. Leeds ! Thanks for posting the comp !

    I entered at 11.20 and no email

    I won

    Have they been sending out emails to those who didn't win as well or not?


    Oh congrats to all the winners btw

    Thanks, i won, other half will need to wait till he goes to work to see if he won too

    Doesnt appear i have won then!! WD other winners!

    i didnt but well done

    I entered at 11.30am on the 12th of feb and I have as yet receive an email.

    I won, is it worth selling?

    Wd to those who won, I enterred at 11:00am (ish) and didnt win

    I won one ticket But the other half didn't

    If there is anyone who won but can't go i would be willing to buy your ticket off you for a reasona ble price.

    Please pm me.

    I won - I can enter details on website today, (]…ers) other half cannot enter hers until next week. Not sure where to go - and not guaranteed she will get same flight as me. Tempted to book a day trip for just me.

    I entered at 10 (exactly), others at work who entered about 11 - havent heard anything via e-mail.

    I entered - and times of emails I write when inline it was before 10-43 AM as I sent an online text saying I was leaving for a meeting then, and have heard nothing.

    What is the email address it comes from so I can check my junk?

    For those wanting to sell it says the following in the T&Cs

    The winning entrant must travel. Prizes are non-transferable

    It does also say you can change names and dates at their standard T&Cs. Cosidering that it is £25 each way and the difference which has to be full price as the origonal price was 0, then it would be £50 over the normal costs.

    The best thing is though it says open to UK residents only. I can see at least 2 winners from Amsterdam so they obviously checked them well then.

    It woulld be interesting to see what flights and times are available. I cannot see that many been available for Greece etc due to the costs involved. Didn't win but well done to those that did, except for the ones who had no intention of using the tickets and just entered for the fun of it or to try and make a quick buck.Us people in Yorkshire could have used them.

    Thanks for taking part in the Name That View competition. The … Thanks for taking part in the Name That View competition. The competition was a huge success and within 20 minutes of the site going live, more than 100,000 people attempted to enter the competition!The winners of the 10,000 free return flights have now been notified, and a list of winners can be seen at [url][/url]. Don't forget, your entry has been entered into the prize draw to win the Golden Ticket – 2 free return flights to all 36 fantastic destinations from Leeds Bradford! The draw will take place on 3rd March when we will be calling the winner which could be you!

    No luck here.. oh well...

    ah well. well done to all who won

    I can see my name on the winners list but didnt recieve the email or notifaction:(

    i entered on the first day of the competition and won one of the flights.since then i have filled the winners form in 3 times with different days and destinations and each time it as come back saying that there are no free seats available on that flight. ( i put down dates that are in the correct time period) i am wondering if any one else has experenced this.
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