jet2 free return flight winner stories?…-5/
    have any winners here claimed?
    do they honour it?
    how was the claim process? Do you get the flight you wanted or do they give unpopular flight route?

    your story please


    Won it but didnt use it. Thought it was gonna be for 2 people but couldnt go myself. Tried to give it away but was told it wasnt transferable.

    Original Poster

    thanks.. toybhoy :thumbsup:
    it gives me good feelings thay they'll honour it then
    sorry you couldnt take it though

    I have mine booked for later in the year, a really easy process to do, and got our first choice flight too, ended up winning three for me our lass and the boy, all same flight, couldnt recommend them highly enough, i thought they were transferrable but you have to pay for name transfer though?

    I booked my ticket to Madrid, will have to pay for one return for the Mrs though.

    Easy process, they got back to me after 2 days telling me i got my first choice destination.

    Still haven't used mine. How much have people paid on top for taking another person along and to which destinations ?
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