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    Hi All,

    Did anybody else win a return flight?

    Was just wondering if the flight can be passed on/sold?

    I won't be using it and a few of my work mates are from Italy/France and would probably benefit from it more than me (visiting home, work over here).

    Anybody know much about passing them on, such as straight forward, costing?


    I too am in the same boat. I won a free flight, but won't be able to take it. Would much prefer to give it away to somebody than to let Jet2 away with it, but i also don't know if it can be transferred. I would assume that there would be a charge to change it, if at all possible.

    If somebody could point me in the right direction, i would be very grateful!

    same here. I will give mine away too

    I suppose Customer Services would be best, saynoto0870 gives these geographical numbers to call:

    Main Database
    Company Name 0870 / 0871 0844 / 0845 Geographical Freephone Other Information
    Jet2.Com 0871 2261737 0207 1700737 Various enquiry options (India call centre) 0871 2261737 0113 2387444 Switchboard of parent company ~ Channel Express Ltd

    Unverified Numbers Database
    Company Name 0870 / 0871 0844 / 0845 Geographical Freephone Other Information
    Jet2 0871 2261737 0113 2397643 Group Bookings
    Jet2 0871 226 1 737 0113 2387444 Jet 2 Spoke direct to enquiries/information person 0870 7668370 0207 5104956 Central Baggage Services / Lost Luggage 0871 2261737 0191 2146563 Newcastle Airport 08712261737 01202597600 This number 01202597600 listed has changed to 01132387444
    Jet2.Com 08712261737 02071500374 Connects you directly with a operator in India you have a no shown as 01202597600,it has been changed to 011323387444 0871 2261737 0207 1700737 The 0207 1700737 number has been changed to 00442071500374

    i managed to bag a deal on these, but i think (and could be wrong) that there was £50 admin charge to change the names on these

    im guessing this will be the same process as changing details on a paid flight. I had to fork out for 4 people, £25 per person, per FLIGHT! so £200 all in all to change a date, scandolous

    You can change the name and the date but not the destination.
    You can also change the time of travel so you can use it in August
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