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I recently got given a ring & I want to have it valued, is this something you have to pay for to be done?
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Is it a modern piece? If so... Go to a jeweller's for a valuation. They will offer you a price which they will pay you for it. Then for insurance purposes at least double it.
If it is an old piece (antique) go to a good auction house for a valuation. Again for insurance purposes double it.

If it has precious stones in it, it is a minefield. You are at the mercy of whoever you go to. There are so many different grades of diamonds, the cuts and clarity to be taken into consideration. A great big stone of low grade diamond mounted on 18ct gold ring could easily be worth less than a pure stone, one tenth the size, mounted on 9ct gold ring.

Get several estimates. Good luck.
Most professionals will charge to provide a professional service. Seems a reasonable concept
Jewellery Quarter Birmingham if your close lots of shops there!
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