Jimmy Choo Ballet Pumps £30 H&M coming November 14!!

    As promised I have reposted closer to the actual date...This is a reminder of my previous post....

    Quote "The new limited- edition range will be made available in only 200 H&M stores worldwide and is expected to lead to queues around the block and saturation media coverage. The entire line is expected to sell out within hours of being put on the shelves on November 14." (Saturday). Jimmy Choo shoes usually sell for more than £400, with bags coming in above £1,000. The range for H&M will range from ballet pumps retailing at £30 to boots costing £170.

    Good luck ladies!!! (And guys with demanding gfs/wives!!!)

    Heres some pictures to get you girls excited!!!…ew/…821…y-c



    oh wow jimmy choo im gonna spend a bucket load jus because of the name ooh wow i wanna be like the celebs and then get in debt and moan on forums cos ive spent beyond my means boohoo

    no hate goes out to all the women! pain in the leg they are!


    thanks for the links :-)

    Original Poster


    thanks for the links :-)


    Here's the pic..apparently H&M want it to be removed from the ]site..cheers op!

    exciting..thanks for the link!

    The GF would love this.
    Will have to keep an eye on this thread
    Cheers OP.

    The clothes look nice, but shoes look cheap and nasty like New Look shoes

    The soles on those ^^^^^ will last as long as a cheap pair:w00t:
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