Jo frost on channel 4 now-incredible!

    This woman ONLY feeds her daughter sweets because the national health service "let her down" by not coming round and teaching her how to feed her kids!!

    Child neglect imho-the woman aint fit to have kids!


    some people dont deserve to be alive.


    some people dont deserve to be alive.

    I know...........i saw the dead president's thread too. :lol:

    As for this woman...........she sounds like a typical modern 'need my hand holding and free money' waster that we are infested with. Stick with the footy i think.

    Not only that, but no doubt the poor little lady will end up with ADHD as a result.
    Then her muppet of a mother will complain that it's all school's fault that she can't focus in class and that her school is to blame for her plight.
    Soap box descended.

    i just watched that and i was thinking the same, im my opinion she was only like it cause they didnt give her the chance to feed herself and as soon as jo came the child was eatting properly!

    No-one came and taught me how to feed my kids - naively, I thought that as they were mine and I chose to have them, it was my responsibility to look after them properly!
    Some people!
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