job advice please

    Hi all,

    having some difficulties finding a reliable/good website where I can keep checking for vancancies.

    Im after a job in either (in order of preference):-

    [* Information security
    [* Energy market In both areas I am looking for consulting work.

    Any advice on a good website (like ) would be great!

    thanks :-D:-D



    Thats the one I normally check.. just in case my dream job is there! They have a fairly comprehensive search engine too.


    Original Poster

    thanks guys.
    will keep an eye out.

    I use [url][/url] for jobs in the IT sector but they do also do other areas.

    Original Poster

    thanks again guys This is what makes HUKD much more than just a site for deals !

    Original Poster

    thanks guys.
    any more ?

    Does not charge??

    Original Poster

    i dont think anyone charges.
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