Job Centre sending text to confirm appointment

Found 18th Aug 2017
Have to sign on at the moment at job centre fortnightly they send a text day before to remind me of appointment just found out it costs me £1.50 to receive this text on my Vodafone mobile, do other people have this problem or realise this, and before some people say to get a full time job,I have which starts in September
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I would contact your network provider as all text messages from jobcentre/dwp are free
I can't help with this one but it does say something about the country we live in today when someone feels the need to explain their unemployment situation.
Agree with Caroline_1993, there is no way you are being charged for these texts, have you checked that you haven't signed up to something else by mistake that is charging you.
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It's free to receive text messages - speak to Vodafone.
Palmer, you can 'opt out' on your T's and C's. Have a look, not too difficult to find.
I remember a few years back I got a text 3 weeks after my appointment to remind me of it! They were not to helpful when from that day forward I insisted on a hand written (and signed) appointment card for the next visit to prevent any problems. Iirc they were free, allbeit late.
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