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    Sorry, to anyone who, thinks this isn't the correct place for this.

    I'm looking for a job. Any odd job would do, just so that i can make some money doing my summer holidays. I live in London.

    I have tried almost everything i knew about.

    Recruitment agencies
    Job sites
    Gumtree postings

    But didn't had any luck soo far.

    If some one could assist me in finding a job would be really grateful.

    Im sure you guys out there can provide me with great ideas.

    Thanks In Advance



    You should have posted this in Misc - I'm sure a Mod will be along to move the post over ;-)

    Sorry I can't help any on the job front - but if anyone has a job for a really lazy 18year-old I've got one lounging around the house at present... :lol:

    Try temping agencies. The pay is miserable but the experience can be really useful!
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