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    I have an interview on Monday and received an email about the requirements which contained this clause:-

    Please be aware that it is PCT policy that offers of employment can only be made upon receipt of two references. Therefore please can you ensure that your two references are available and are aware that they are indeed your referees. If you have requested that one or both of your references are not to be contacted before the interview, we will of course adhere to this.

    Do they require paper references on the day or not?


    no what they mean is that if you have references at hand then they will take them on the day - but just to ensure that you have given the correct information for example if you have given them an incorrect telehone number they will nto be able to contact the person - i think it is just another way to ensure that people are telling the truth and in fact the referees are willing to give a reference - also some jobs do not take up references even if they say they do - but this company is telling you that they WILL be taking up references

    No, the application form should have required you to state who your referees were. Check box would have been ticked if you allowed them to request references before or after your interview.

    Good luck hun x

    looks like if they offer you a job they will be looking for 2 refs, your application form will prob ask for the details of your refs anyway so your better to have them names for when u go to your interview, dont know what u mean by paper refs, im sure they will have a section for it on their application form. If your sucessful they would contact your refs prob before they offered you the job or they would offer the job on the condition that ur refs are sucessful

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    Thanks ladies :thumbsup:

    I was just going over my paperwork and got in a panic thinking they may need letters and I am going away tomorrow night until late Sunday so it would have been cutting it fine to get them
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