Found 26th Apr 2008
Hi all,
After some advice really.

I've been out of work and been looking for a desktop support position around the Leicester area. I've not really had any luck and now I really need a job!

Now i'm going to be taking any sort of job this week I think but was looking for some advice...I have no idea what to apply for!

I know money is money and a job is a job but I might as well try and get a job that has atleast some job satisfaction. What should I apply for? I'm degree educated in Computing. I kinda want a job thats a bit different but i'm finding it really hard to explain on here!

Please no joke jobs i'm actually quite serious about it!!

Any ideas? Where to look?

Many thanks


Go on Totaljobs and the Reed website and set up a profile that allows headhunting, I got loads of agencies asking me to go for IT related positions, you never know they may have what you are after.

Best of luck!

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I've had it with agencies. Most of them are so pushy to send your CV off to the client but then I hear nothing, dont return my emails or anything. I'm quite qualified in the desktop area of PC's but i'm just not getting any offers.

Frustrated isn't the word!

Any other ideas? Feel free to post


You probably need to rewrite your cv.

Be as honest as you can, but make the cv very appealing to the employer.

when replying to an advert include as many of the requirements listed as possible in your cv, make sure you can back up your claims at the interview.

make sure you get someone you trust to have a glance at your cv just to make sure that it is error free.

what about desktop support at a games company?

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what about desktop support at a games company?

Where is that?

Have a look on Monster to see what they have on offer. You can also use keywords and they'll email you any new jobs that come up. Good luck

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I've been down that root. It appears that there is so much competition for my line of work.

I'm on monster, totaljobs, reed, cwjobs, itboard, loads just agencies promising you the world and then nothing...*******

I'm sure something will come up I just wanted an interesting job, something not the norm if you get me

What kinda degree is it? How long you been graduated? As hopefully im going to looking for jobs in the same industry as you!!! :thumbsup:


Where is that?

Nottinghamm what is your degree in?

aw good luck

You found a job yet woz???

I quit my job april 27th and havent got a new one yet - why - well i dont have a clue what i wanna do - ive applied to be a postman but that wont work ---- looks like i might have to start college and get some real qualifications
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